ANDRA Day Licence


Name: *

Drivers Licence Number *

Drivers Licence also needs to be shown to officials to confirm details.

Drivers Licence Expiry date *

Acceptance of Palmyra Dragway Rules & Regulations *

By ticking this box you acknowledge and accept the Palmyra Dragway Rules and Regulations which can be found in the information below.

ANDRA Day Licence Limitations & Rules *

By checking this box you have read and understand the rules and limitations of an ANDRA Divisional day licence as per the information below.


ANDRA Day Licence is to be purchased if you do not hold a current ANDRA Licence.

Details etc below:

Only one licence is required for the weekends events, so if you are racing both the Test & Tune Friday night and the Race meeting the following day you only require one day licence.

Palmyra Dragway Rules & Regulations can be found here.


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